Congratulations on your pregnancy!! It’s such an exciting time when a little baby is growing inside of you. The human body is truly amazing; however as many mums will tell you, pregnancy can come with it’s downsides including backache, swollen legs, heartburn and cramping. I can help to reduce these complaints, with Pregnancy Pilates! 

Antenatal exercise is recommended by midwifes and health professionals to most pregnant women and can provide great benefits not just during pregnancy but in the postnatal months that follow too.

Fitter more active mums tend to find they are able to to deal with the physical changes that pregnancy brings a little easier. I’m a big advocate of walking too, I find it a great way to give your body and mind a boost! Whether it’s a walk to the station on your daily commute or a stroll around the local park or woods, it all counts!

My pregnancy pilates exercise classes are suitable from your second trimester, class exercises are specifically designed for mums to be!

Core and pelvic floor training helps to strengthen, stretch and prepare your muscles for labour. The deep breathing and relaxation elements will help to de-stress and calm the mind; giving you time to bond with your baby. You can also meet other local mums to be; to share those precious early months with!

Don’t worry if you are new to Pilates, the class is suitable for beginners, I’ve had quite a few women who have become ‘hooked’ on Pilates after joining and feeling the benefits; bringing their baby to my postnatal class and then booking onto a lunchtime class near their work!

The classes are booked as a term and can be continued right up until your due date. A registration form must be completed and you must seek your midwife’s approval before attending your first class.

The next set of classes are bookable online: Book here:

Download the registration form here:Pregnancy Reg form LIB

Tuesday 7.30pm – Hutton Community Centre, Harrison Close, Hutton, CM13 1LP. (Perfect location for those in Shenfield, Brentwood, Billericay or other surrounding villages. Lots of parking too.)

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